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Version 9.2.8 has been released! This version introduces new maps to the desert along with other interesting features, bug fixes and exploit patches.

Naval Base

  • Naval Base has been moved.
  • New location is near the Australian Base and Golden Gate.
  • Interior has a secret passage that you should be smart to discover :-).
  • Swap Machine was relocated to the new base.
  • Credits to all who helped in mapping this area.

Clan Wars

  • Added a new clan war system.
  • A clan leader can start by inviting another clan for a clan war.
  • You will need to choose a number of clan war rounds (between 3 and 10), a clan war location, a maximum of 5 weapons (minimum 1).
  • Once the request is sent to the chosen clan, the leaders have 5 minutes to accept or deny the request or it will expire.
  • If leaders accepted the request, clan members from both clans will be able to join the clan war.
  • Leaders, from both clans, can choose to start the clan war only if the number of members from both clans are equal and more than 3. The war should begin in 10 minutes of accepting it or it will expire.
  • Any member can choose to quit the clan war using /cwleave. If the war is active, any member who drops will force the war to be paused and be opened again for members to join (same state as when the war was accepted).
  • Once the clan war is initiated, the first round will begin and all members will be teleported to the chosen location and given the chosen weapons.
  • Whoever gets killed during the war will be spawned as a 'watcher'. No weapons, infinite health, and cannot damage other enemies.
  • A clan wins a round by any of it's member killing all the enemies.
  • Rounds will repeat until the war is over. The clan with the highest number of rounds won, wins the clan war.
  • New commands introduced can be found here.
  • Clan war members will be able to chat using the chat command or ›[msg].


  • Reworked the core of the clan system.
  • Leaders can now modify clan ranks offline using the clan editing dialog.
  • Added the ability to accept or deny clan war invitations.


  • As of today, the server will force emails to be associated with new registrations.
  • If no email was set, the new account will expire in 24 hours.
  • Old registrations, with no emails set, will be reminded every time they connect to set a new email.
  • You can no longer use emails that are already associated with other accounts.
  • New members have to spend at least 10 minutes before they are allowed to create a new account.


  • Reworked the core of many cheat detections.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing random players to flagged and banned by the anticheat.
  • Added patches to many SA-MP exploits that were causing players to crash.
  • Added new detections to new SA-MP cheats.
  • Improved the proxy detection. False positives can occur, you are always asked to contact us so we can exempt you from the bans.


  • Server slots increased to 150.
  • Reworked the headshot and damage registration systems. Should be smoother now.
  • /sp zone colors are now set based on the zone teams.
  • Medic heals now detoxify players who are under the toxic effect.
  • Players can no longer use /kill while being intoxicated.
  • Fixed all backup bugs in locations different to that of the normal world.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to get negative deaths.


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