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This version introduces RWW's Halloween Update along with bug fixes.


  • New team skins.
  • A new zombie class capable of possessing others (MMB near players), rank 1 required.
  • Pumpkins containing gifts are dropping all around the map. Search for them as you will find some gifts (or not?)!
  • Additional $500 & 1 score point for each kill.
  • Additional $1000 & 1 score point for each capture.
  • Once possessed, you must heal by any means to cure yourself or you'll die.
  • Some checkpoints are found all around the map, you can try entering one of these at your own risk.
  • Use /pumpkins or /currentdrops to check the current amount of lost pumpkins.
  • You will receive gifts from the peds and admins.
  • Halloween ceremonial sites can be found around the map.


  • Fixed a bug causing demo mines not to explode in worlds other than normal world
  • Syncing in other worlds is no longer allowed.
  • Accounts can no longer be left with no email associated to them.

Happy Halloween!
Trick or Treat?

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