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Version 9.5 is online! This version introduces new game features along with various patches and a new maps.

Class Selection

  • Changed the class selection system.
  • Added availability tab on the class dialog.
  • Added class description upon class selection.
  • All players will now be able to choose any class to view its features but can only spawn with those that they are matching the score requirement with.


  • Added a new Highwaystrip map near the Eurasia Base.
  • Credits to ian and [email protected] for the new map.

Supply Drops

  • Added a new Supply Drop feature.
  • Supplies will now randomly drop all around the map.
  • Players who pickup the supplies will receive random kits that are benificial during the war!


  • Completely removed the old Supply Drop mission.
  • Added a new Supply Mission.
  • You will now be able to drop actual supplies over players that are randomly chosen during the active mission.
  • Start a Supply Mission using the two Dodos found in Desert Airport.
  • Type /supply to start a Supply Drop mission.
  • Type /drop to drop supplies over the designated player.
  • Cargo mission can now only be started when the cargo ship is captured for your team.

Help Requests

  • Help request (AKA helpme) system have been changed.
  • Help requests are now handled separately by official tag holders and admins.
  • The new help request feature will act as a ticket system.
  • A player can only have one help request open before it is handled.
  • A player requesting help can have a chat with the person who handled the help request.
  • To request help, use /helpme.
  • To close a pending help request, use /helpme close.
  • To chat with a helper, use /helpme (message).
  • Help requests are now logged. Please remember NOT to share any personal information through help messages even if asked to. Contact an admin if you fear any rule violation.

Official Members Invincibility

  • Official tag holders can now toggle an invincibility mode.
  • When activated, the official tag holder will not be allowed to hold weapon or drive vehicles.
  • This is useful when a tag member is handling a help request case.


  • Reduced all vehicle prices in shops roughly by half.
  • Vehicles are now sorted according to price in shops.
  • Players will now get a message that vehicles are temporary upon purchasing a new vehicle.

Nuke Base Bunker

  • A base bunker can now be accessed from all bases.
  • A base bunker will protect team members during a nuke attack.
  • Bunkers are only accessible when a nuke is targeted at a base.
  • When a nuke is launched on a base, a Safe House icon () will appear on the minimap for players inside a base.


  • Removed the red text over a planted mine.
  • Added the actual mine object.
  • Enemies can now disable a mine by shooting it from a short distance.


  • The online list on the website now displays more detailed information.
  • Added nickname changes in /stats.
  • Fixed a bug with jailed and muted players on spawn.
  • A bonus will now be removed when a player has been pausing for more than 1 minute.
  • FBI truck health has been maxed to 5000.
  • Players will now get a message when capturing a zone about the features that it unlocks.
  • Donor cloaking in Rhinos has been removed.
  • IRC PMs now display a reply help message.
  • Added a time in Clan History dialog.
  • Removed helmets for Assaults and added it for players below 100 score points.
  • Max rustler barrels are now 10.
  • Sea-sparrow is now considered a heavy vehicle.
  • Enhanced the UI when refilling barrels.
  • Fixed a bug with death spree.
  • Fixed a bug with unspawned capturing.
  • Fixed the Abandoned Train Station capture point.
  • Players can now drop any weapon, but it will be lost if ammo is low.
  • Fixed the base borders to that on the minimap.
  • AC version 2.85
  • Increased the max nuke hit time to 25 seconds.

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