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Version 9.2.9 has been released! This version introduces brand new features, bug fixes and exploit patches.
The No Heavy Vehicles week is here too. You will no longer be able to use heavy vehicles for a whole week. This event ends on the 8th of September.
New added features / modifications:


  • The nuke missile launch system has been changed.
  • The missile can now take up to 30 seconds to reach the zone to which it was fired at.
  • Missile launch now costs $60000 rather than $100000.


  • You can now equip yourself with a backpack.
  • A backpack can hold items and weapons.
  • You can purchase a backpack from any shop for $50000.
  • Managing your backpack is available using the /backpack command which accepts three parameters:
    • Open: Opens your backpack.
    • Reset: Resets your backpack. Removes all items and weapons.
    • Drop: Completely removes your backpack.
  • You can also access your backpack by simply pressing the H key while idle.
  • You can now hold only one of any items found in the shop and add one to your backpack.
  • Backpack items save.
  • Backpack weapons are automatically removed if they got purchased and never used within 2 days. Same applies to items but the timespan is 1 day.
  • Backpack item capacity is divided as follows:
    Rank Max. Weapons Max. Items
    0 None None
    1 - 5 2 2
    6 - 10 4 3
    10+ 5 5
    Donor Level 1 6 6
    Donor Level 2 10 10
  • Backpacks reset on a new life and with admin punishments.
  • Shops were modified to suit the new backpack system.


  • Added the ability to purchase a backpack that costs $50000.
  • Modified the item and weapon menus.
  • If holding a backpack, you will now be asked whether you wish to add the item you are trying to purchase to the backpack or hold it immediately.
  • If you are not holding a backpack, menus will directly supply you with the purchased item rather than prompting the dialog.
  • Reduced the anti-mine vest cost to $10000.


  • All the team's members holding the Ammunation Zone will now spawn with 10% additional ammo to the class default.
  • Reworked some of the zones capturing core code.

Target Mission

  • Reworked the target streaming code.
  • The missing target bug should now hopefully be fixed (again?).
  • Added a red block at the bottom of the target range that, when shot, respawns the target.
  • New red block feature is useful in case any of the targets went missing and disappeared.


  • Reworked the class system.
  • Pilots can no longer hold these weapons: Sawn-off Shotgun, Tec-9, UZI, Sniper rifle.
  • Mercs now spawn with 1 SAM Base.


  • Updated to SA:MP 0.3.7 R2-2. Fixing the exploit that is currently being abused by attackers to kill the server query mechanism.
  • Removed all the Hydras and Hunters that spawn in area 51.
  • Added three new achievements. More info here.
  • Fixed the barrels that go through ships and hangars killing those inside.
  • Modified the clan ranking system. Now a rank 10 member can demote another rank 10 members.
  • Forced nicknames to be alphanumeric. All those with accounts that are currently registered with numeric nicks only are advised to contact us so we can change their nicks.
  • Fixed a bug with the weapon system where it wasn't supplying those with restricted weapons that were already held. During /sync or missions.


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