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Official Tag Holders

The official tag is given to the respected and worthy members of the community under strict requirements. This is not just an ordinary clan tag, this represents who we are and what was built among the years.
Any member under this tag would be representing the server and its respect towards the respectful players.

India Offline[RWW]Duke[iF]
India Offline[HiT]Harry[RWW]
Saudi Arabia Offline[RWW]Six[iF]
Tunisia Offline[HiT]Mahfoudhi[RWW]
India Offline[HiT]ShariQ[RWW]
India Offline[RWW]Ded[iF]
India OfflineRohit[RWW]
United Kingdom Offline[SAPC]Proxus[RWW]
Sweden Offline[RWW]Denchokan[iF]
Serbia Offline[RWW]Dusko[iF]
Germany Offline[RWW]ian[UD]
Pakistan Offline[UD]Shane[RWW]
India Offline[007]47[RWW]
India Offline[HiT]Sud[RWW]
Pakistan Offline[iF]Talha[RWW]
India Offline[RWW]Commander[iF]
Pakistan Offline[RWW]RanGer[iF]
Mexico Offline[LFx]Josee[RWW]
United States Offline[iF]ERS[RWW]
Pakistan Offline[UD]Berry[RWW]
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