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Missions are minigames that allow players to entertain themselves. Missions were introduced in version 8.
There are currently 4 missions availables. Click on a mission to display more information.

Supply Mission

The mission was introduced in version 9.5. Head to Desert Airport and get inside one of the Dodos that only spawn there.

Mission Image Live From Game

Type /supply to start the mission. You will be randomly assigned a player to drop supplies over.

Mission Image Live From Game

Type /loc to help locate your target. Once over the player, press the MMB or type /drop to drop the supplies over. Once the supplies hit the ground, the player will be able to collect them for kits! You have 3 minutes to complete this mission, every time you drop a supply, the mission time extends 10 seconds. $8000 and 1 point per drop.

Mission Image Live From Game
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