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Missions are minigames that allow players to entertain themselves. Missions were introduced in version 8.
There are currently 4 missions availables. Click on a mission to display more information.

Shooting Mission

The shooting mission was added in version 8.4.4. To start the mission you need to head to Area 51 and locate Skull Icon Of Mission (blue skull) on the minimap.

Mission Image Live From Game

Get inside the checkpoint and type /mission to start the mission. Once the mission starts you will get a dialog of the top players who scored in this mission.

Mission Image Live From Game

Once the mission starts, you need to start it by shooting the target that is visible. Once you shoot the first target, the counter will start and the mission will begin. You will have to shoot all the targets that are visible in 60 seconds. The more targets you take down, the higher you score. You will receive cash per target.

Once the mission ends, you will unlock the super aim achievement. You will also be given score and cash based on how many targets you shot.

Mission Image Live From Game
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