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How To Connect

Information on how to connect to the server

Here you will find information on how to connect to our SA:MP server.

  1. Make sure you have GTA:SA installed on your computer and running.
  2. You must have the first GTA:SA version and not the re-released version 2 or the Streamed one. (If you have the second version you will need the Downgrade Patch which can be found here).
  3. You will need the latest version of SA:MP which can be downloaded here.

To connect, you can directly connect by clicking the button below or you can manually add the IP to the favorites list in your SA-MP browser.

Manual setup steps:

  1. Add your nickname.
  2. Click on the Add Server icon.
  3. Type in our IP address:
  4. Click on the server bar and hit the green "Connect" button.
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