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The community clans are a great place for people to make friends and collect points! There are currently a total of 14 clans.

TagClan NameKillsDeaths
[iF]Immortal Force25415769163
[LFx]Legendary Force x21715890057
[UD]United Divisions20322879311
[AoW]Avatar Of War13349446218
[HiT]Hitman Organisation12213053009
[SS]Street Survivors8246937985
[Nwo]New World Order5084235574
[SMU]the Secret Mafia Union2600212761
[PS]Monsters Snake Mesh82978203
[EF]Expert Force :]932914
[SD]Solider Player599272
[KN]KIghnKnights of thefake93136
[FW]Freedom Warriors9175
[OTR]on top of the rest32
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20/100 online
Average Players: 28.85
Running SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

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