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The community clans are a great place for people to make friends and collect points! There are currently a total of 21 clans.

TagClan NameKillsDeaths
[iF]Immortal Force29264282498
[SAPC]San Andreas Paramilitary Corps263500109547
[UD]United Divisions24208896437
[AoW]Avatar Of War14694452921
[HiT]Hitman Organisation14555363438
[SS]Street Survivors9755844097
[Nwo]Newbie World Order7137549499
[SMU]the Secret Mafia Union4419722893
[MSN]Masters Survivor Ninja2174619849
[WiB]Written in Blood102799434
[Ls]Latin Syndicate42123644
[S]Salamander Army 1924488
[TMI]Totani Mafiosi Italiani972798
[NG]Night Ghosts9491416
[_CpZ_]Cyber PunkZ 7271422
[AF]Air Force6011415
[CH]Clan Hunters232642
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Running SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

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