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The community clans are a great place for people to make friends and collect points! There are currently a total of 20 clans.

TagClan NameKillsDeaths
[iF]Immortal Force345468118459
[UD]United Divisions306693144774
[HiT]Hitman Organisation233253126240
[Nwo]New World Order10936893857
[007]The Secret Intelligence Service5661554808
[LW]Legendary Warriors1985234864
[LFx]Latinos Force Xtream1974419530
[SS]Street Survivors110349444
[NSW]New Star Warriors692912990
[TNT]The Nightmare Troops65996657
[01]Unknown Warriors15443574
[RR]Rage Rangers7741510
[SMF]San Andreas Military Force7741791
[Ts]The SHIELD367564
[ST]Star Team138217
[RRS]Elite Chilean 93111
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