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The community clans are a great place for people to make friends and collect points! There are currently a total of 16 clans.

TagClan NameKillsDeaths
[iF]Immortal Force30668192095
[UD]United Divisions259531108618
[HiT]Hitman Organisation16109777540
[Nwo]New World Order7632956791
[SMU]the Secret Mafia Union4972827730
[MSN]Masters Survivor Ninja2701327803
[Ls]Latin Syndicate90547954
[FrG]Free Guns51265567
[007]The Secret Intelligence Service48533687
[CBMC]Combat Battalion US-Marine Corps40523986
[.A.C.]Assassin's Creed24054015
[RA]Red Army11991205
[LA]Legendary Assassins9011514
[GAr]Garuda Army430799
[AGENT]Agents of Death216319
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