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Admins (also called Administrators) are normal players with extra administrative powers. They are here to help everyone enjoy a better gaming experience. Admins are hand picked by the staff team.

If you follow the rules correctly and have admin qualities, you might have the chance to be one of them!
Here is a list of the 15 current administrators with their levels.


Lebanon OfflineEvocator


Belgium Offline[RWW]ian[UD]
Guatemala Offline[Ls]ericQ

Lead Admins

Lithuania Offline[AoW]Razzor
Croatia Offline[HiT]Kwenol[RWW]
Mexico Offline[Ls]Josee[RWW]

Senior Admins

Pakistan OfflineRanGer[iF]
UAE Offline[HiT]Uber
Pakistan Offline[iF]ERS
Tunisia OfflineBelaid


Romania Online[HiT]Ioana
India Offline[CBM]Spongebob
India Offline[iF]Dedsec
Tunisia Offline[CBM]Gaston
Croatia Offline[email protected]
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