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With an enormous player base, Real World at War is a 4 year old community running one of the most featured Call of Duty servers around SA-MP. With a one of a kind script and a powerful administrating team, we will be providing you with one of the best death-match experience ever.

We started in the early 2013 as the first ever Call Of Duty server to launch on SA:MP. The server was mainly operated by xF[4]Life and Jarnu under a community called Limitless Gaming.

The server underwent many ups and down until xF[4]Life decided to leave the server and release the script out to public. Jarnu re-wrote the whole script and re-opened the server until late 2013 where he decided to give up on SA:MP. Evocator came in and took over the script. The community was then operated by SledgeHammer and the server by Evocator until the mid 2016. SledgeHammer decided to shut down the Limitless Gaming community on the 11th of April 2016. The server went dead for almost week until Evocator decided to re-open the server and start from almost nothing.


We have 5 teams (Eurasia, USA, Arabia, Australia, Soviet) capable of capturing areas and killing enemies. Players are promoted according to their skills and powers. The more score points you have the higher your rank is. Players with high ranks are capable of driving or piloting heavy vehicles along with many other abilities (check out class page). Rank powers vary as the player can launch toxic bombs, nuke bombs, call airstrikes and target SAMs!

Depending on your skills and activity you will unlock achievements along with rewards. Our donor system is powerful! A donating player has the ability to spawn vehicles, refill health, armour, ammo, disguise, hide and much more. Donors receive extra score and cash per kill, and spawn with double the ammo as other players! There is a lot more to discover by joining us, so don't hesitate!

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