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Version 10.5 has been released! This version introduces new features, UI change, bug fixes, new maps and patches.

Gun Game

  • The gun game mode is similar to the known COD gun game.
  • This mode starts once each game day (at 00:00).
  • You will initially spawn with a simple pistol. On each kill, you will receive a new weapon.
  • A kill using a weapon will advance a held weapon, a melee kill will drop your held weapon.
  • Game will end when a player reaches the highest weapon (Rocket Launcher) and gets a successful melee kill afterwards.
  • To join this mode, you will need to enter a pending list using /gungame.

Session Saving

  • This is a new beta feature that is introduce to help with "sniper" bugged players.
  • Session saving will be available after 45 minutes of constant game-play.
  • When 45 minutes are hit, a /scs command will be available for 1 minute to save your current session.
  • Saving the session includes kills, deaths and sprees.
  • Once the command is used, a session will be saved and you will be kicked having only 2 minutes to reconnect or you will loose the saved data.
  • It is recommended to get used to this command to help limit the number of sniper bugged players.

UI Change

  • The informative screen game text has been changed.
  • New style is smaller to not block the vision during a fight.

The Vault

  • Added a new shop in the main area of the vault.
  • Added a new section of the Vault that is accessible from Area 51.
  • This new section is refereed to as "The Extension Area".
  • The new area is accessible from two main locations:
    • Area 51 solid door near the control room.
    • The Vault corridor.
  • Credits to ian for this map.

The Vault Zone

  • Added a new zone.
  • The zone is located between Area 51 and The Oil Refinery.
  • The new area is available in /sp with random spawn positions.
  • This area has a strategic location because anyone of hold will have easy access to Area 51.


  • Added two spawn positions in Area 51.
  • Added new spawn points in CBug DM.
  • A spawn point selection dialog will now be shown on your first spawn.


  • Changed the way spies disguise.
  • Spies will now be able to choose a team to disguise to and a selected class from that team.
  • This will make it harder for players to identify spies from the head tags.
  • The head tag will now show the disguised team name along with the class name.
  • Spies will now spawn with one disguise kit.


  • Added a new C4 feature to the demolition class.
  • A C4 can be planted along with a mine.
  • A C4 will be manually detonated using the MMB.
  • A C4 has similar behavior as a mine. Hence, it will be removed when shot and lost on death.

Anti Explosion Vests

  • The old anti mine vests were removed.
  • Introducing the anti explosion vests that will protect players from demolition explosions.
  • The vests are similar to the old anti mine vests, and are available from the shop.


  • Added three new daily challenges.
  • Added a /noclan command that blocks clan invitations.
  • Changed the /team command to display team mates per classes.
  • Fire shields no longer work for heavy vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug with accounts that may lead to players loosing score, cash, kills and deaths.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blood spread on head shot not to show.


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