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Happy Easter! The yearly Easter Update is live along with version 9.5.03!

  • Easter bunny will be randomly dropping eggs all around the desert.
  • You can check up on the dropped eggs' count by /eggs.
  • Admins & Peds will be giving off free gifts!
  • Additional $500 and 1 score point for each kill.
  • Additional $1000 and 1 score point for each zone capture.
  • Checkpoints around the map, check them they hold endless secrets!

Version 9.5.03 is a minor update that includes:
  • Hunter Vehicle HP was increased from 700 to 1000.
  • Added a new Anti Cbug system.
  • Decreased the rate of the registered shots on hunters roughly by 50%. Making any weapon shooting a hunter do much less damage to the vehicle.

Happy Easter!

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