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New Forum URL (Link) now uses https:// to handle requests. This has forced us to change the URL of our forum and drop the subdomain "forum.".
Please redirect all the traffic to instead of

This is a minor update that includes applied changes to IRC, bug and typo addressing. Added features:

  • Automated IRC voice (you no longer need an admin to grant you a voice to chat on the server through our echo channel); instructions and error messages can be found on our IRC page.
  • New command: /ircpm (irc user) (msg)
    The message is directly sent to the irc user through a PM from out bot Ped
    If you got PMed by an IRC user and you need to reply, you may replace the "irc user" parameter with $irc

20/100 online
Average Players: 28.85
Running SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

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