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Version 10 has been released! This version introduces new features, UI change, bug fixes, new maps and exploit patches.

Battle Royale

  • The Battle Royale event will end on July 1, 2018.
  • This event is a survival fight among others players in a nuked world where radioactive fallout is expanding.
  • You have limited supplies and weapons. Resources are scarce in this world and there are no vehicles.
  • You must avoid the expanding fallout or else you will slowly die.
  • Fight for your life! Kill everyone you see before you get killed.
  • Last man standing wins the game!
  • Battle Royale starts daily at 00:00 (game time). A minimum of 10 players are required for the game to start.
  • Use /battleroyale to enter the pending list to join the game when it starts.
  • The event starts above Area 51 at a height of 1000 meters.
  • Keep an eye out for the expanding fallout and where the center of the safe zone is to take cover.

UI Change

  • New connect display that shows the server name, website and version.
  • New status display. Removed the vehicle name display at the bottom right corner.
  • New zone capture display.
  • New rank number and rank progress display.

The Vault

  • Added a new map that is accessible from Area 51.
  • The Vault contains three main sections: The sewage system, the vault corridor and the main vault area.
  • The Vault is accessible from three main locations:
    • Area 51 shaft leads to the vault corridor.
    • Area 51 water pipes leading to the sewage.
    • Main entrance between Area 51 and Oil Rifinery.
    • One of the SAM bases of Area 51 leading to the vault corridor.
  • The main vault area is connected with the vault corridor and the corridor contain the vault sewage system.
  • Credits to ian and [email protected] for this map.


  • Credits to ian and [email protected] for the maps.
  • Added a new farm house near Snake Farms.
  • Added a new abandoned checkpoint on the upper highway near Desert Airport.


  • Added two new Desert Airport spawn points.
  • Reworked the capturing system.
  • Team members can now team up to increase the speed of zone capturing.
    donor capture initiatednormal capture initiated
    1 playerapprox. 18 secondsapprox. 25 seconds
    2 to 3 playersapprox. 9 secondsapprox. 13 seconds
    4 to 7 playersapprox. 5 secondsapprox. 8 seconds
    8+ playersapprox. 4 secondsapprox. 6 seconds

Daily Challenges

  • Daily Challenges are tasks that one can accomplish to earn cash & points.
  • A Daily Challenge can be complete when a player hits the challenge goal.
  • View the Daily Challenges with your progress using /dailychallenge or /dch.
  • Daily Challenge progress resets when a new challenge is set.
  • Daily Challenge progress saves when a player leave the server.

ADS Trucks

  • Changed the ADS truck functionality. Removed the truck weapon deactivation system.
  • Added a new ADS truck in the Gas Station.
  • There are now two ADS trucks in total.
  • Players can now target the new ADS system from the Laboratory zone (near Area 51).
  • Team work is needed.
  • Two team members should bring the ADS trucks to the Laboratory zone and stay inside them in the area.
  • A third team member can target the ADS system from the skull checkpoint inside the zone.
  • The ADS system will disable enemy weapons for 45 seconds in the target area.

Vehicle Kits

  • Vehicle kits are now available to all classes.
  • Vehicle kits can only be used when the vehicle a player is driving is on fire and about to explode.
  • The vehicle kit fixes the vehicle but does not refill the vehicle health.
  • A player can carry one vehicle kit and keep one in the backpack.
  • Use /vehkit or /vhk to use a vehicle kit.
  • Decreased the price of the vehicle kit from $9000 to $5000.
  • Engineers no longer need vehicle kits to fix vehicles. The command /fix now has a cool down of 1 minute.


  • Added a screen messages when a spawn protected player is shot at.
  • Changed the Rustler barrel damage function. Exploding barrels close to players immediately kill rather than damaging.
  • Decreased the maximum ammo of rocket launchers to 2. Demolitions and Donors spawn with 2 rockets. All other classes with 1 rocket.
  • Medics need to have the Hospital captured to use /healteam. This command can now be used anywhere.
  • Added a new dialog that shows when a player joins a clan. This dialog includes a player's nickname appended and prepended with the clan tag. Selecting a suggestion will change your account name and kick you from the server. This bypasses the nickname cool down.
  • Radar scrambling and Radio jamming no longer work on the team who holds Big Ear.
  • Snipers will now spawn with Thermal Goggles if CIA HQ is captured by the team.
  • Fixed a bug with Tear Gas in duels.
  • Fixed a mine bug.
  • Fixed a weapon drop bug.
  • Fixed a bug with medic healing.


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