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Winter Quiz: Digital Geocaching! (Event has ended)
...welcome to the

Winter Quiz: Digital Geocaching

The Winter Quiz will be a challenge for all those who like to squeeze their brains. It follows the concept of Geocaching, a game/sport which somehow resembles modern treasure hunting. The procedure is to use your brain to get from station to station and, eventually, find the "final".

If you are interested to learn more about this game/sport itself, visit geocaching.com!

...the setup:

Everyone can participate, except for Level 3+ Admins and the alphatesters. Apart from that, Donors, Tag-Holders, UD members and even Hollow are allowed to take part. You can even play in teams, but I suggest you to only do that if you have totally ran out of ideas. (Admins are obviously not allowed to use any cmds a normal player cannot use. I will verify that in the logs.)

You are not allowed to post any hints or results in the forum or elsewhere (official Discord etc.).

All you need is: GTA SA.

This contest is meant to be extremely difficult. I will not give any tips or hints and I hope that it will take several days until someone can hand in a solution!

...the winners:

There will be lots of winners. Basically, you have "won" when you found the final. However, Geocaching is rather about success and not about winning - but, to make this more competitive, the first one to find the final will win a 3 months Donor Level 2!

How to claim your prize? PM me on Discord and send a screenshot with the object + location.

Oh, and by the way: To prevent cheating, you also have to send me the correct solutions for all the stations. #ripcheaters

...the game:

Station 1: "Trees in the distance". Location: 2521.9, -730.3

Description: After you parked your car, go to the start coordinates. Harsh terrain, hiking boots recommended. Look around and admire the incredible size of those conifers... If you look somewhat further, you can see the outskirts of a big city, usually covered in a cloud of pollution. The very first buildings in your path of view are some rather poor looking bungalows. Take a walk to the most north-eastern one you can see. Directly next to it, on the eastern side, you'll find another (poorly modelled) tree. What may the distance be between this tree and the tree you started at?

Distance (rounded to tens) = nnn = ABC

Station 2: "The village". Location: [Image: RIlwrJi.png]

Description: Finally some good parking spots nearby! You find yourself in the middle of a small village. A small village? A large village? Or a small town? There are various definitions for settlements. But what do you need the most to be able to classify this one?

Value = nnnn. Multiplied by 5 = DEFE

Station 3: “Taking out the trash”. Location: -[1][A][7], [A][A][E][E-F]

Description: Finally arrived, it was a rather long way and it is dark already. You walk to the location. What a smell! What the hell is that? Let’s see, woah, you almost touched it. Can anyone give some light? OH MY GOD! What is that? You have to run away, fast, directly towards the south. Continue running until you reach a wall. Then head east until the wall turns into a high fence. Look through the fence. You can see a vehicle! Encode its name with ROT13 and take the digit sum.

Digit sum = nn = GH

Station 4: “The final”. Location: -[1][G-1][A][A], -[H][E][G-1]

Description: Nice view from here. You almost made it! Look around a bit and find an object that looks suspicious. This one should be found easily! Take a screenshot and send it to ian via Discord!

...the hints:

Hint 1: Distance (rounded to tens) = nnn = ABC = 230

Hint 2: Value = nnnn = DEFE. DEFE/5 = 1309

Hint 3: Read carefully! No, it is not a Sanchez. No, it is not a Hydra.

Hint 4: I'm still baffled that I have to give a 4th hint. It's also sad, because now anybody can find the final even if he wasn't smart enough to solve the first 3 stations! But okay then, that's how it is. What can I say? You're blind! I've seen so many people at the right location, and at least 7 times I thought "Ok, he found it" only to notice that he apparently didn't see it. Come on guys! Go, get it!

...the winners:

11th of March 2018: Shane[UD] was able to provide the final location (including the hidden object) with all the correct solutions for the stations. Congratulations! However, the solutions for some stations were shared to him by others.

Much respect for all those who spent days to solve the quiz! It's unfortunate that none of you won, but rest assured that your combination-skill and will be very helpful in your everyday life and other complicated situations! But what else do we learn from this? Do not share your solutions to others! Another thing worthy to point out: Aditya[007] was the very first one to solve all the stations (except #4).

The final object is still in its place! Be sure to check it out.
[Image: E1OaesD.png]
1987 Volvo 760, 2.8l V6, 155hp - riding swedish steel at its best!
Do we have to complete this challenge while playing SA-MP? What I mean is, can that be done in the offline version as well?
Certain aspects will only work on our server.
[Image: E1OaesD.png]
1987 Volvo 760, 2.8l V6, 155hp - riding swedish steel at its best!
Good luck Big Grin
Good luck everyone
- Lazy people are the people who change the world

[Image: 5284]

To be frank I ain't participating at this contest. Good luck to those who participates.
love the sound of this

gl lads!!
Nice. Wish you'd come up with this idea when I was active. Nab admen Big Grin
Good luck guys!
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Worth trying for everyone .....I m sure it will spin your brain ..few exceptions(Razzor)
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Hint #1 posted! Check the original post.
[Image: E1OaesD.png]
1987 Volvo 760, 2.8l V6, 155hp - riding swedish steel at its best!

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