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3rd Real World Radio Music Festival
[Image: WGlFYBU.jpg]

RWW's Radio Festival!

Happy New Year!
2017 was a great year for RWW. We've had lots of fun last year and we're gonna have more fun this year!
The DJ Team has its own way of starting 2018, which is by introducing RWW's 3rd radio festival, and will last 5 days!
Using /radio will make you receive free score for your listening time!

The festival will start 3/1/2018 and will end on 7/1/2018
Each day a specific genre will be played by our DJs!

Day 1: EDM
Day 2: Rock
Day 3: Hip-Hop
Day 4: Pop
Day 5: Reggae

The last day of the festival will be on: 7/1/2018- 5:00PM GMT
and will have a dance party and a 5 stage race!

[Image: LCszaFe.jpg]
Map and Design by: @Denchokan

Each stage will have a different vehicle:
Stage 1Mountain Bike - Red
Stage 2Speeder - Blue
Stage 3Dodo - Pink
Stage 4Bullet - Green
Stage 5NRG-500 - Yellow

The Race will be monitored by admins and DJs, trying to cheat in the race will get you disqualified!
You should follow all checkpoints

Winner will receive 1500 scores!
Looking forward to meet you there!

- Real World Radio DJ Team
Cool, let the festival begin.
Hope everyone enjoy the festival.
Wow, great!
- Lazy people are the people who change the world

[Image: 5284]

Let the partyyy begin !!
Cool, i want to be in that race, i hope i will be online, enjoy you guys.
- [007]Management -
How to be in the race pls
[Image: 6831][Image: v8W9iBK.png]
(01-05-2018, 07:27 AM)Serial_Killer Wrote: How to be in the race pls

The last day of the festival will be on: 7/1/2018- 5:00PM GMT
and will have a dance party and a 5 stage race!
- [007]Management -
(01-05-2018, 07:27 AM)Serial_Killer Wrote: How to be in the race pls

You don't have to apply anywhere to take part in it.
Just do one thing.
Make sure you are present at the date and time mentioned above.
>  | DJ Ahad | Ex-Moderator of Nz | Veteran of iF| Ex-Staff Member of Expert Force | Ex-Leader of iPF <

Race starts in 4 hours!
Let the fun begin!

We promise 'forever' in a world where even our existence is temporary.


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