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Version 9.4.1 Released!

Feedback is appreciated.
Can't wait to test this!
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Great job team!
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Created by Borli
I wish there was one sawn but nvm this is good also,nice job !
-The reworked naval base map isnt the latest edit of the map.
- The trailer object in the dam docks is still stuck in there , and there are still unecessary vehicles that drop players fps there (the previous vehicles of the dam)

-Fire shield sounds like a sci-fi item, not something that I would see in a server that calls itself real world at war,
I dont know about others but I wont spend my money on this, not because its useless, but because I dont think I will get /fr-ed often enough to

Its awesome to see warehouse finally becoming a zone, same for the barrel factory!

As for the changes on the barrels, I dont think its a good idea to give every player rustlers barrel drop and shooting ability to everyone,
in my opinion rustler should become a scout only vehicle with increased m4 shooter damage. (like pilots have hunter and hydra, so would scout have seasparrow and rustler)

About dual sawns, their DPS (Damage per second) is not the same as the one handed sawn we had before,
thats because it takes longer for dual sawns to reload, and thus sawn off is now even weaker than before,
so the damage should be a bit higher to compensate for the reload time. (if it is to be as good as the one handed sawn)
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Awesome dude im waiting for this new map changes
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finally my suggestion is put into the update, gr8!
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Yeey! Awesome! Many are now happy just to see the Dual Sawn-offs again. Let's enjoy!
Great job 
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