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Version 9.3.01 released - Halloween event ended!
Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you all enjoyed this year's event.

Version 9.3.01 has been released. This version is a patch for version 9.3 and it includes:
- Bug fixes in the dam maps that caused some objects not to stream.
- Few security patches with the login approval system.
- Barrels no longer kill you on hit. It is now based on how far the barrel exploded from your position. The closer it is, the more damage it inflicts. If the damage is more than your health, it will kill you. Otherwise, you will survive the explosion.

Additionally, we decided to give those who collected the most pumpkins donor levels for their efforts.

[UD]Unc. collected a stunning amount of 1967 pumpkins and won donor level 2 for 6 months.
[HiT]Warrior collected 925 pumpkins and won donor level 2 for 1 month.
[if]Mason_Alex collected 871 pumpkins and won donor level 2 for 1 month.
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It was a pleasure to be with you guys!
Congratulation all of you
Congo for you guys , I enjoy in this Halloween event tho !
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Congratulation Wink
The Helloween Event lasted for 13 days. Sohan found 1967 pumpkins.

13 days = 13*24 hours = 312 hours

312 hours = 312*6 [10 Minutes] = 1872.

Roughly, he found one pumpkin every ten minutes. Without eating, sleeping, whatevering. lmao
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Good job for the winners!
No barrel kills. Thank you so much for that! (Rip autopilot)
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Congratulations to all of you! I saw @-SOHAN- doing too much effort to get this donor level. Good Job mate! Big Grin And thanks for the update too. ( Barrels can't kill us now )
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