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'Sniper bugged' and sniper bug abuse (infothread)
Since some people are unaware of how and when they break a rule: Here's some explanation.

There is a detailed description about the characteristics of being sniper bugged below! I'll keep it very short here: Enemy snipers cannot normally damage you, it is also impossible for them to give you a headshot.

It is yet unknown when exactly this bug occours, but it is related to your connection time. The problem is: Players who are affected have advantages in-game.

If you are sniper bugged, you have to relog!

To make it easier to understand when you have to follow which procedure, I made a little graphic:

[Image: 9xiuGyL.png]

In general, please note: We cannot expect every SAMP player to know about the sniper bug. That's why we cannot enforce this rule for every player - newbies might have not even know what it means. It was the same with me when I joined SAMP, it took me some time to find out what exactly this bug was about.

But: We expect everyone with more than 7000 scores to be aware of the sniper bug! 

If you are confronted about being sniper bugged for more than 3 times and you choose to ignore the calls despite your connection time being longer than 40 minutes, you will face a ban.

Thank you for your understanding.

Keep in mind that Administrators enforce rules in the way they see them fit, depending on every exact situation. This rule is not a guarantee for a specific punishment!

Characteristics of being sniper bugged:

1. Although you are shooting your enemy, he might not take any damage. Example: (thanks @Razzor)

2. You cannot headshot him. If you shoot his head, nothing will happen and he won't take any damage. If you shoot the body with a sniper, the player might take damage, but there is neither a hit indicator nor a damage indicator. Example: (thanks @Denchokan and @ian)

3. He will take damage normally if you are not using sniper or explosives. Example: (thanks @Denchokan and @ian)

4. If you kill the player with sniper, he might actually die, but it will not be your kill: In the kill-list, it will just look like he suicided. Example: (thanks @ryz)

5. If you are able to damage a teammate, it indicates that he is sniper bugged. Example: (thanks @Razzor)

6. If you shoot the player with explosives (for example a rocket), he might take damage, but there won't be any hit indicator. Example: (thanks @Denchokan and @ian)

7. Connection time: This bug usually occours if you have been online for more than ~50 minutes.

How to know if I am sniper bugged?

There may be two things indicating that you are sniper bugged yourself:

1. You take damage from enemy snipers, but the indicator of who shot you is missing. In short: You take damage, but can't tell who shot you. Example:

(Video coming soon)

2. If you watch other players using sniper, it appears that they are shooting their own head in the moment they are actually shooting. Example: (thanks @Denchokan and @ian)

Threads merged and new videos added.
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