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Recent server issues
Hello everyone,

If any of you is into the SA-MP community in general, you must have already heard of the recent attacks.
If not, well, sadly I'd like to inform you that SA-MP servers has been currently under continuous attack by an unknown source for an unknown reason. Most of the hosted servers have reported this issue on the SA-MP forum. The exploit is technically a flow in how SA-MP is built and since we have not heard any news since ~2 years of any SA-MP update, I think (hopefully not) we won't now. 

Anyways, I'm writing you this now to inform you that we are one of the targeted servers. The attack basically doesn't affect the physical server at all, just the querying mechanism. So you won't face any timeouts, lag, or high latency. You will just see the server offline on the browser or taking too long to show the online players when you click on it while in fact it is online and functioning normally.

Please take this into consideration and join the server even if you do not see it online on the SA-MP browser.
We hope this doesn't ruin your gameplay experience but there is nothing we can currently do unless wait for an official reply.
I see many lag when i have 180 pings i will play daily but suffering from this issue. Just i get this much lag like 800 pinhs when i have 200 pings.
[Image: IMG_20170911_225117.png]
Ok so this is the reason..Thanks for informing us evo
You are right! Now a days I see two servers status in my favorite list are always showing offline like you said, first I though it is related from server but now I understand what is going on, hopefully it will fix soon.
Shit, I was blaming my poor lag and yes, Our server was taking more time to load than the other servers, I can sense disciple of marijuana.
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[Image: XlaHjg1.jpg]
[Image: kweYtM8.jpg] 
Damn! that's bad....
I hope it will be fixed as fast as possible.
Thanks for the information.
Let's hope this issue is fixed by the San Andreas Multiplayer staff soon.
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Samp needs a new update for sure.
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SO can i join the server. when i try to join it it times me out
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that why when my friend wants to join the rww he always say to me it is crashed

and i keep say it works with me

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