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Looking for mappers - 2019 - (ended)
Looking for mappers. 

[Image: wJEJmCT.jpg]

Hello. Q here sharing the good news. We decided to create a team of mappers in order to improve your gaming experience for the updates to come. And... what could be better that joining forces with the talented and creative players around. ¿Feeling like joining the team? Check this info below:

We offer:

1. Designer role. You'll be known as an official RWW designer. 
2. Access to new areas in Discord and forum. 
3. Active participation in RWW's map updates. 

Requirements (will consider only the apps that comply):

1. Active player in the community (In-game, Discord and Forum).
2. At least 2500 score points (we need to be sure you to know how the game works and what's the current map).
3. Mature player. Remember that common sense is much appreciated around here.

How to apply:

Send to @ericQ or @Denchokan, a map design of your own creation with your info, following the small format below.

The maps should be:
    * War themed based (Please don't send maps with UFOS or Stunt tracks). You can focus in a small area. No need to remap the whole thing.
    * Balanced. We'll consider aesthetics, gameplay and functionality. Show us a map that all classes can use. 
    * Optimized. Detail is good but please don't over do it. Remember that too much objects are a no-no. 

Ingame nick:
Discord ID:
Link to your forum profile:
Tell us about your mapping skills and experience:

Last day to send your app: June 15, 2019.
With love, Q.

[Image: fkABFfF.png]
Good luck getting into the team. Its a great opportunity, grab it now.
Ingame nick: [HiT]Classy
Discord ID: You already have it.
Link to your forum profile: Here.
Tell us about your mapping skills and experience: I used to mess around with MTA a while back but never
actually mapped anything big until i got my hands on this new program which really gave me a way to make something
creative and worthy. Before i started mapping i always liked the idea of this thing since you can basically edit any type of place the way you want it. As about my skills, i dont wanna get ahead of myself but i'd say they are pretty decent, judging from my latest projects.
A few ss: Here.
Ingame nick: [UD]Rooney
Discord ID: Rooney#3767
Link to your forum profileHere
Tell us about your mapping skills and experience: Well, not something interesting, I am new into mapping stuff. I showed my work to Q.
- Lazy people are the people who change the world

[Image: 5284]

Ingame nick:[ST]RaF[AF]
Discord ID: raf#3280
Link to your forum profile: https://cod-rww.com/forum/member.php?act...e&uid=3360
Tell us about your mapping skills and experience: i m always online in these community . i know about scripts + map
i can help you in these
[Image: H3QEF3c.jpg]
Quote:Send to @ericQ or @Denchokan , a map design of your own creation with your info, following the small format below. 

Replies to this thread will not count.
Applications should be sent via PM.
[Image: aditya2.png]
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Only raf gave correct link to his profile
after looking at others links, I got a shock that why tf are they giving link to my profile LOL(until i realised what they did)
[Image: giphy.gif]
good job and good luck  Heart Smile
Alright, we reached the deadline for sending apps. Thank you guys for the interest. We'll be adding the accepted applicants to the designer's team.

[Image: fkABFfF.png]

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