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April Challenge: Rallying! (Event has ended!)
[Image: 7PJBqnB.png]

RWW Administration presents: The April 2019 challenge! 

Most of you will remember the October Challenge I made. When I created it, I tried to make it as clear as possible, but there were still some problems. This new challenge is supposed to have the same style – racing – but will avoid making the same mistakes from before!

So - what is this about?

This race will be like a rally. You have to go from A to B, but there is no racetrack. Every participant can choose which route he wants to take. Also, there is no specific car that needs to be used – as long as it is a car that normally spawns somewhere at RWW. You choose! Which car could reach the target in the best time?

Your map will look as follows:

[Image: QJ4fPzx.png]

The starting point will be this imaginary line:

[Image: yfGqKrS.png]

In which direction you’ll have to start? Well, you choose. However, be behind the line: The timer starts when you cross it. Accelerating before and crossing the line at high speed is not allowed.

The finish looks like this:

[Image: ycqlXEm.png]

As soon as you run through the gates of this little shed, the timer stops.

In short:
  • Get the car of your choice to the starting point
  • Turn on your video recorder
  • Start racing!
  • Well – maybe do some route-planning before!
Rules and requirements:
  • You can use any vehicle of your choice that has four (4) wheels and normally spawns somewhere at RWW!
  • That means: No helicopters, no airplanes and no bikes!
  • You have to prove your best time with a video, uploaded to YouTube. Post the link to your video in this thread!
  • No Donor commands and no nos!
  • Going backwards (uphill) is not allowed!
  • This event ends on the 30th of April 2019!
  • 1st: $6,000,000 and 1500 scores
  • 2nd: $3,000,000 and 1000 scores
  • 3rd: $1,500,000 and 500 scores

#1: [HiT]Kwenol - with a top time of 01:28! Congratulations! Especially the move at 00:42 is pretty sick. $6,000,000 and 1500 scores for you!

#2: [iF]Eastly - with a top time of 01:31! Very nice driving! You will get $3,000,000 and 1000 scores!

#3: [iF]Ammy - with a top time of 01:33! Also very decent. $1,500,000 and 500 scores for that guy!

And yeah... [SAPC]harpon, you can contact me ingame for a cookie, since it was you who thought of that "new" way!
[Image: E1OaesD.png]
1987 Volvo 760, 2.8l V6, 155hp - riding swedish steel at its best!
good gl
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTwMgeqgLRk3Tx9FG6KWqR...jy6Zn3XCor]
Good luck guys
- [007]Management -
these types of events are really cool,good luck
good luck bois
[Image: 14648]
|lll|         |ooooooooo|  |AAAA|     |AA|         |aa|      |YY|    |YY|      
|lll|         |oo|   |oo|  |AAAA|     |AA|       |aa||aa|     |YY|  |YY|    
|lll|         |oo|   |oo|  |AAAA|     |AA|      |aa|  |aa|     |YY||YY|
|lll|         |oo|   |oo|  |AAAA|     |AA|     |aaaaaaaaaa|      |YY|  
|lll|         |oo|   |oo|   |AAA|    |AA|     |aa|      |aa|     |YY|    
|lllllllll|   |ooooooooo|    |8888Ad8P|      |aa|        |aa|    |YY|

AmmY ready for another challenge.
Good luck guys.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Ripazha not allowed too, shet :c
[Image: aditya2.png]
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he he he man I want to cry but good luck.
[Image: CxAVPu8t.png]
MSD Zeroo
International Mafian Forces

Good luck, everyone.
Lazy people are the people who change the world
- Shahveer Jafry

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