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Welcome to the new forums!
Due to the fact that we have been receiving a lot of requests for changing the theme that we are already using because of it being not responsive and mobile friendly, we decided to have a complete change. This is the new RWW dark forum theme, completely new and fresh!

Many of you may find this theme unusual, or hard to deal with because of its new style, but everyone will eventually get used to it.
If you are completely against the idea, the old theme will still be online one accessible from the UCP.

Kindly note that this theme is completely new as you might notice some issues with the design, so please let us know so we can fix everything we can.

If you also have any suggestions or requests for the new forums, please let us know.

Cool !!!!!!! xD
[Image: aditya2.png]
|| Administrator || Tag Holder ||
[Image: tenor.gif]

[Image: fkABFfF.png]
Looking forward to get used to this new theme. Thanks Evo!
[Image: giphy.gif]
Good thanks for the update
[Image: 4KAGJT6.png]
I really like the idea that "the old theme will still be online".
about the theme, it's OK but it wasen't expected.
it looks dope. thanks

[Image: szqN0wW.gif]

[Image: BgffSt4.png]

[Image: 123]

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here

Great! New CSS Big Grin
I love it when I killed people and they were like “Aimbot”
Nice bb Big Grin good work
[Image: giphy.gif]
Looks... Unusual, need time to get used to it.
Thanks brooo

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