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RWW Players of the Year Awards 2018!
RWW Players of the Year Awards 2018

It has been a great year for me and probably for most of you as well. It's also been one hell of a year to RWW. We are growing rapidly, the server is becoming full most of the times and players are literally going crazy over adding more slots! But - this great year has almost come to an end.
Me and @Uber had a small discussion and planned to host this year's RWW Players of the Year Awards.
Winners will be rewarded!

You guys have to vote in a survey to choose a winner of a particular category.

 But make sure you follow some rules!
- There are a total of 25 Categories to choose from. Make sure you fill/choose all of them.
- Use valid usernames and abbreviations
- Only one submission per user!

Please vote here
Happy Voting!
[Image: giphy.gif]
RWW 2018 Awards winners!

Section 1
Sniper of the Year: [HiT]AlphaTrion
Pyroman of the Year: matty
Demolition of the Year: [UD]Anwar_Sensei_XV
Medic of the Year: [iF]LAISER
Scout of the Year: matty
JetTrooper of the Year: Ninja[UD]
Support of the Year: [RWW]ian[UD]
Engineer of the Year: [iF]Soap.
Paratrooper of the Year: [HiT]Optimus_Prime
Pilot of the Year: [1st]Ming[75]XF
Spy of the Year: [RWW]Six[iF]
Mercenary of the Year: [007]fightman
Donor of the Year: [RWW]Six[iF]

Section 2
Nuke Launcher of the Year: [iF]Talha[RWW]
SAM Launcher of the Year: AlbertoContador
Toxic Launcher of the Year: JAZZY & [iF]Soap. (25 points each)
Deathmatcher of the Year: [HiT]Ryzzz
Duels winner of the Year: [HiT]Ryzzz
Duels loser of the Year: [HiT]Mahfoudhi[RWW]

Section 3
Team of the Year: Arabia
Admin of the Year: [RWW]Six[iF]
Clan of the Year: [iF] Immortal Force
Video of the Year: Real World at War - Ritual

Section 1 winners will receive 100 points.
Section 2 winners will receive 50 points.
Contact me (@Uber) personally to claim your rewards.
Nice ,  Clan of the Year: [iF] Immortal Force <3 
[Image: giphy.gif]
Congratulations to everyone that won their spot on the list, and good luck to everyone that tries to get there next ime Big Grin
[Image: AdSX8BE.gif]
Lol I expected no rewards in this year,
the scout award is kinda surprising,
but what im more surprised about is how I got the pyroman award hahaha.

Guess its because I had molotov as my clans prestige weapon.
Well, thanks haha.
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just so you can see that I speak -  n o   b u l l s h i t .  -
WOW am I the medic of the year?:O
[Image: 38a6e4deab2f6c8b979c6b2a086eea0b.gif]
The death is here, the engineer is here..

[Image: CragGuy.png]
Created by Borli
(01-02-2019, 11:12 PM)Uber Wrote: Video of the Year: Real World at War - Ritual

If you are a guest, here is the video of the year Youtube LINK, however don't forget to register on forums...

And thank you guys, i appreciate it.. it was a nice material...
- [007]Management -
Why didn't I get noob of the year , hmmmmm :v
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Aww thanks for voting!  Heart Congratulations to everyone x
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