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RWW Black Friday + Winter SALE! 50% off!
RWW Winter SALE! Starting today...

[Image: 0ztlEju.jpg]

We are happy to announce that RWW offers a 50% reduction on all Donor perks, starting on Black Friday! You can now purchase every Donor perk for half its price! Check out https://cod-rww.com/website/donate and https://cod-rww.com/website/perks for more information!

This special event will last until the 1st January 2019. Be sure to benefit now! 

We wish you a great wintertime - and always happy killing!

Cheers, RWW Administration
Responsible for:

- Internal and external affairs
- Issues that require a decision at the highest level
- Server security and privacy

Not responsible for:

- Entertaining people if they are bored
- Skin changes, your car or weapons you spawn with
- Issues in your real life 
- All kinds of affairs which can be easily solved without consulting the management

If I didn't respond to an important Discord message after 48 hours, feel free to message me again!
Update: Three days left until the sale drops!
Update: Sale ended!
[Image: y2ozqkL.gif]

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