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RWW Black Friday + Winter SALE! 50% off!
RWW Winter SALE! Starting today...

[Image: 0ztlEju.jpg]

We are happy to announce that RWW offers a 50% reduction on all Donor perks, starting on Black Friday! You can now purchase every Donor perk for half its price! Check out and for more information!

This special event will last until the 1st January 2019. Be sure to benefit now! 

We wish you a great wintertime - and always happy killing!

Cheers, RWW Administration
Responsible for:

- Internal and external affairs
- Issues that require a decision at the highest level
- Server security and privacy

Not responsible for:

- Entertaining people if they are bored
- Skin changes, your car or weapons you spawn with
- Issues in your real life 
- All kinds of affairs which can be easily solved without consulting the management

If I didn't respond to an important Discord message after 48 hours, feel free to message me again!
Update: Three days left until the sale drops!
Update: Sale ended!
[Image: y2ozqkL.gif]

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RWW Black Friday + Winter SALE! 50% off!51