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October Challenge! Race once around LV!
Once around LV - a racing challenge!

Now it's the time to prove your driving skills. Think you are a good driver? Well, prove it! Beat ian's time on this racetrack to complete this challenge! Easy? You will see...

[Image: UPMndS1.png]


- No Donor cmds!
- You need to prove your best time with a video!
- Yes, leaving the asphalt happens, but if you are leaving the road for a shortcut, you will be disqualified!
- You must drive the race in a Buffalo!
- The lap starts and ends at Golden Gate!
- You have to go counter clock-wise (AUS base, Arab base, etc) and not the other direction!
- Let me know if anything is unclear!



- $3,000,000
- 150 scores


- $2,000,000
- 100 scores


- $1,000,000
- 50 scores

If more than 3 people succeed in beating the 02:36 time, the 4th+ ones will not receive any price. The event ends on the 1st of November 2018.

This was originally a UD monthly challenge. However, nobody was able to complete it!
[Image: E1OaesD.png]
1987 Volvo 760, 2.8l V6, 155hp - riding swedish steel at its best!
Good luck to whoever is participating in this challenge. Do your best, 150 score and 3mill isn't that easy to earn without this challenge. Grab it today !!


i made it at 2:35

my time is 2:31

I want to thank all my friends who helped me to do this, even if somebody break my record I will be okay with it,
Because in the beginning I couldn't even drive properly or finish the race at all, but I contacted all racer legends I know, they gave me lessons and trained me...

After few hours I did it.

Those guys are Gods, they did the race in 2:28 on the first attempt(on the training server)!!!

Thank you Viper, And Wenom.

Good luck everyone,
Uber and GTS, I think that you aren't allowed to start the race like that. You started recording once you got speed for the car and started on the bridge. You need to start the vehicle at moment you start recording and on the bridge.
Just saying
He didn't say that in rules,
Some races irl start like this,
If I can do it then you can do it too, I don't see it giving me any advantage over anyone else so why wouldn't it be allowed?
I am sure ian saw it and since he didn't comment I think we are clean.
Lastly I will quote ian's msg to me "this race should be fun and something to enjoy not some deep shit"
So yeah just enjoy it and try to beat the records and you can do like we did.
Good luck
(btw never give up, I was trash driver but I contacted some samp racing legends I knew for years and they gave me 3 hours training and the video above is the results)
Wasn't stated in rules, but I asked him myself. He might have forgot to mention it. Sorry if I've said anything wrong, didn't mean to ruin your happy moments. Tongue
Anyways, I don't think that I would take part of this contest.
Alright, after some thought I decided to put it this way:

Most of your videos are not valid because you're cutting too excessively. I stated in the rules not to leave the asphalt (or only by accident). However, I re-watched my own video and also noticed that I am doing some questionable cuts (altough much smaller than some of you).

Therefore, I'll also count my own video (and time) as invalid - THIS MEANS that I hereby remove the "beat ian's time" from the challenge. This challenge is now once again open for everyone - and you could win, even with a time higher than 02:36!

Please keep in mind...

...to NOT leave the asphalt
...to NOT speed-start: You must start at the line from speed zero.

Good luck everyone! I'll also try again, hope I'll win this Big Grin
[Image: E1OaesD.png]
1987 Volvo 760, 2.8l V6, 155hp - riding swedish steel at its best!

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