Version 9.2 Released

Yes, its finally here! Version 9.2 has been officially released and is now running on the server. This version is an important script update where many features were reworked from scratch. In addition to bug fixes, Version 9.2 also includes many new features.



– Languages are here!
– Type /language to change your language or by /settings
– Current languages: English & Spanish (thanks to Erickme for the translation)
– Currently only text box messages are translated. We will be translating screen texts & TDs in the upcoming versions.
– Some parts of the messages are not translated yet. This will also be completed in the upcoming versions.
– We are currently also looking for Russian translators. PM Evocator on the forum if are willing to contribute.



– We decided to remove security questions due to their old insecure way of accounts recovery.
– Added Emails which improves the accounts security.
– Email can now be used to recover lost accounts.
– Type /email to enter the email menu.
– Once you type in your email, we will send you a mail containing a small code that you will type in the dialog that you see on the server.
– Your email is private and only you can know it.
– Once you receive an email (inbox/junk/spam folders) and confirm it, you will be able to use it to recover your account in case you lost your password.
– Visit our Account Security page and learn more.



– Added clan points
– Clan leaders can set/give clan members clan points
– /setpoints & /givepoints to give players clan points
– Clan members can now call for backup by /clanbackup(/cbk)
– All clan members will get a message of the backup request.
– Set a minimum to the clan donation: $10000.
– Added clan prestige.
– Clan leaders can choose a certain weapon to set as a clan prestige where all clan members will spawn with that weapon.
– Clan prestige weapons are expensive, good luck!


RWW Radio!

– Yes, we are back. RWW Radio is now online aiming to deliver the best music to your ears.
– RWW radio is now more developed.
– Radio DJs will be streaming live music when they can. They will also be taking requests and stream your song of choice too.
– Type /radio to listen to the radio in-game or visit our Radio Page for more information.
– Radio bots will also be updating you ingame and on IRC with the latest DJ songs that are being streamed.


Sniper Arena

– The sniper DM arena is changed.
– The new map allows long distanced fights which gives snipers their real meaning.



– A new zone map added.
– The Arms Dealer zone is located between Country Dam and Dry Point.
– Capturing this zone allows you to start a dealing mission.
Click here to view the zone on our zone map.


Dealing Mission

– A new dealing mission introduced with the arms dealer zone.
– A dealing mission allows a player to make a deal with the arms dealer.
– This deal gives the whole team members weapons of the deal choice upon spawn for 10 minutes.
– For more information visit the dealing mission page.


Class Abilities

– A Pyroman can now to support near-by team members with Molotov (/pyrokit).
– A Paratrooper can now support near-by team members with a 30 second invisibility and a 20 second airstrike flare (/parakit).
– A demolition can now support near-by team members with grenades (/demokit).



– Donors can no longer refill health/armour in duels.
– Players can now watch other players dueling.
– To start watching a duel type /duelwatch & /stopwatch to end watching.
– To switch between watching positions, use the LMB & RMB.
– A duel watch costs $35000.



– Decreased the nuke launching cost to $100000.
– Signatures are now loaded with the player stats on the Players page.
– Signatures now display your name in red if you are offline and in green if you are online (in-game).
– AC v2.5
– Players can now /sync if they are getting car parked. This will re-stream you and clear the parking animation so you can move freely again.
– Added a current date textdraw at the top right corner of the screen.
– You will now get killed faster when in enemy bases.
– Reworked the commands system from scratch. It is now faster.
– The death textdraws now display your name with tags more clearly, thanks to [TWO]eXposed.
– Many internal script updates.


Bug Fixes

– Donors can no longer spawn vehicles in paratrooping planes.
– Fixed the extra $40000 that gets paid when you already have a SAM base.
– Fixed a Desert Town /sp bug where you always spawned there even if your team lost the zone.
– Fixed random kicks on sprees.
– Fixed a bug where mission checkpoints disappeared and backup checkpoints too.
– Fixed a bug where /fr used to give you rewards on all the enemies in a vehicle, now it gives you cash per burn only.
– Old (LGC) donors donated there and their donor level was set to expire at the begginig of 2017 where mistakenly it was set to expire on the end of 2017. This was fixed.
– Fixed a bug related to Quick Strings that caused the server to crash.


Hope you enjoy the new version! Don’t forget the go over the new features of the website too.
Happy killing!


Name: > Call of Duty - Real World at War (0.3.7)
Mode: COD-RWW v9.2.52 [TDM|DUEL|LGC]
Players Online: 15/100
Average Players: 27.09
SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

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