Version 9.2.2 Released

This version is a minor update following the UD weeks & no heavy vehicle week. This version includes:

  • Removed languages.
    Sorry! But only 2 players used to play with Spanish and it is not efficient enough to keep it.
  • Congrats to UD winners. The event is now over.
  • The “Educated Freak” achievement has been removed.
  • Fixed a bug with arena joining where it did not cancel to avoid joining abuse.
  • Added a lag warning with some tips and information on how to manage it. You will still be kicked if the server can no longer maintain your connection.
  • Nickname changes are now free and will not cost you cash! Players can only start changing names after 2 hours of gameplay.
    Donors level 2 can always change their names.
    Donors level 1 can change their names once every 2 days
    Normal players can change their names only once every 5 days.



Name: > Call of Duty - Real World at War (0.3.7)
Mode: COD-RWW v9.2.52 [TDM|DUEL|LGC]
Players Online: 16/100
Average Players: 27.09
SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

RWW Radio

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