Version 9.1.2 Released

This version is a test release before the new major update that is on the way!

  • Fixed a bug related to kicking on sprees
  • Congrats to the LFx event winners, the event is now over.
  • Sniper deathmatch arena is back with a simple map (retesting it with the new way of handling headshots).
  • /radio now streams Dance Wave channel, a temporary channel until our radio is back.


A new major version will be out soon. The website is now finished, hope you enjoy it.


Name: > Call of Duty - Real World at War (0.3.7)
Mode: COD-RWW v9.2.52 [TDM|DUEL|LGC]
Players Online: 16/100
Average Players: 27.09
SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

RWW Radio

Online Players