Version 9.1.1 Released


This version is mainly an internal script update to work with the new website (yes, welcome!)

  • Fixed a bug that caused weapon stats not to be saved
  • Completely removed all typos that had to do with the old community
  • Celebrating LFx’s first year anniversary for a week with gift drops and ped gifts.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused players to crash on death


Make sure to send us your feedback on the website by posting on your suggestions board. Also be the first to generate your signature from the signature generator and show your friends your stats!


Name: > Call of Duty - Real World at War (0.3.7)
Mode: COD-RWW v9.2.52 [TDM|DUEL|LGC]
Players Online: 16/100
Average Players: 27.09
SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

RWW Radio

Online Players