Here you will find answers to most of the questions that players ask.


How do i connect to the game server?

Visit the how to connect page for more information.


How do i earn score points, cash and increase my rank?

You will start earning score points on killing players, capturing zones, making killing sprees, unlocking achievements, using super weapons, class abilities and much more. Score points allows you to unlock ranks automatically. Cash is also earned by killing people and capturing zones. However, money allows you to buy weapons, vehicles and other items from the shop. Playing as a mercenary and in minigun arena gives you double the rewards on each kill.


I forgot my game password. What do I do?

If you forgot your password, you have one and only one option to reset it or else your account will be lost. To reset your password you need to use the email that is associated with the account. Click here for a detailed step-by-step process.


How do i change my name without losing my stats?

We have a fair policy when it comes to nickname changes.
Donors having level 1 are allowed to change their nickname once every 2 days. Donors having level 2 are free to change their nickname anytime they wish and Regular Players are allowed to change it once every 5 days.
Type /changenick to change your game nickname. You will NOT lose your stats nor anything associated with your account.


How do i save my stats? Score, cash, kills, deaths etc…

To save your stats, you need to register your nickname and use it again to login and get your stats back. To register an account, connect to the server and type /register. Type in a password and keep it safe. For more information on how to keep your account secured, visit our account security tips.


I cannot connect to the server or i got banned, what to do?

Cheating on the server is not tolerated! If you got banned due to cheats, we will most likely never lift your ban until it expires. Anticheat bans usually expires in 3 weeks time depending on the cheats you used. If you got banned, do not attempt to evade the ban or it will end up permanent and
we might ban your whole ISP if necessary. If you feel that you got banned by mistake or you are innocent and the ban should be lifted, visit our forum and post a ban appeal on the Ban Appeals board.


Someone hacked my account, what do i do?

Your account security is your responsibility. If your account got hacked or accessed by someone else it is because you leaked or used your game password somewhere else. Hacked accounts are immediately disabled with no refunds. Visit our account security tips here.


Someone is breaking the rules, how can i report them?

First of all, never spam the chat. If a rule breaker see someone spamming the chat calling for an admin, they will stop doing what they’re doing and thus prevent an admin to correctly deal with them. To report someone, use the /report (name / id) (report) command. This will send a message to online admins about the player. Some reports are not directly dealt with, but will eventually always be. If no immediate action was taken, don’t be discouraged! If someone is persistently breaking the rules and annoying you, take screenshots with pressing F8, try to avoid them and report them on the forum.


Who are the admins? How can i become one?

Admins or Administrators are normal players with extra administrative powers. They are here to help everyone to enjoy a better gaming experience. Admins are hand picked by the team. If you follow the rules correctly and have admin qualities, you might have the chance to be on them. For a list of the current admins click here.


What are the server slots? How many does it have?

Server slots or namely player slots is how many player the server can withstand before it gets full. You can check how many slots does the server have by checking the server stats on the left:
Players: X / Y.


What are zones? How to capture one?

The server has many zones that are able to get captured by the 5 teams on the server. The zones are spread all around the map (especially Bone Country, Tierra Robada, Las Venturas and San Fierro). Each zone is marked as a colored square on the map. To capture a zone you need to stand in the red checkpoint (flag on minimap) and stand still or press the left alt if you have auto-capture enabled. Capturing a zone will give you 4-10 score points and random cash ($2K – $5K) with the ability to spawn in that zone (some of the zones).


What is score farming?

Score farming is capturing an area with your enemy again and again to earn illegal score points and cash. This is not allowed.


What is base rape?

Base rape is killing enemies in bases with heavy vehicles(tank/seasparrow/hunter). This is not allowed. However, you are allowed to use heavy weapons to kill enemies inside your base only.


What is cbug?

C-bug known as crouch bug is a bug or glitch in GTA:SA allowing you to shoot walking weapons a bit faster than normal. This is not allowed.


What does spawn killing means?

Spawn killing or spawn camping is when you kill players over and over again when they spawn. This is not allowed if the player was AFK in his spawn point and may be considered a ban-able offence.


What is AFK capture?

AFK capturing is when you pause your game while taking over an enemy zone. This is not allowed and will get you kicked/banned.


What is the prestige weapon/rank?

Prestige rank is given to players who exceed 50000 score points. This rank allow players to chose a weapon of their choice to always spawn with. A donor prestige weapon is also available for donating players.


What does G-abuse means?

G abusing also referred to as passenger seat abuse is when a player uses the passenger seat to shoot from with a vehicle not having a driver. Someone using the driver seat to avoid getting damage may be also called G-abuse.


What is a quick string?

Quick strings are small phrases that are replaced by information for you to share. Visit our quick string manual page for a list of quick strings.


What are alerts and how to see them?

Alerts are important information you missed when you were offline and had to be delivered for you to see. Alerts are saved along with your account for you to check once you login. You can see a list of your pending alerts by typing /alerts in-game. You can only see a list of pending alerts and not all of them.


What are missions?

Missions are minigames that allow you to entertain yourself rather than killing others. Visit our missions guide for more information.