Classes are a special game feature that allows you to have certain abilities that others don’t. You can choose your class according to your rank. The higher your rank is, the more classes you can unlock.


Assault Rank 0 Pilot Rank 9
Sniper Rank 2 Paratrooper Rank 8
Pyroman Rank 3 JetTrooper Rank 6
Engineer Rank 7 Support Rank 6
Scout Rank 5 Medic Rank 5
Spy Rank 10 Demolition Rank 4
Donor Donating Players




Most basic RWW class, the assault class has no special abilities and spawns with basic weapons.



The sniper class basically relies on the sniper rifle. The sniper class is also invisible on the map which gives you the ability to hide in certain areas on the map and snipe players. The sniper class is also well known for its headshot ability where shooting someone on the head immediately kills the player and gives you more rewards.



The class pyroman spawns you with a flame thrower and Molotov grenades. The fire thrown at players leave them incapable of firing back for a short period of time, in addition to slowly loosing health. You can use the command /fire or /fr to burn close enemy vehicles. Moreover, they can support close team members with moltoves (/pyrokit).



The demolition class spawns with basic weapons and some rockets. The demolition class is well known for the ability to plant bombs and mines. Mines explode when enemies step on them and bombs detonate after 5 seconds killing close enemies. You can use the commands /dbomb or /db to plant a bomb, /dmine to plant a mine and /dveh to detonate a vehicle you are driving. Demolitions can /demokit to support close team members with grenades.



The medic class spawns with basic weapons and some meele others. Medics are players who can aid their team mates with refilling their health. Medics also have the ability to refill their own health in addition to healing all of their team members. You can use the commands /healme to restore your health or /heal (name / id) (or MMB) to heal a close team mate or /healteam to heal your whole team.



The class pilot is well known for the ability to pilot heavy vehicles(hunters/hydras). The pilot class is weak on foot but strong when it comes to air vehicles. Pilots can take down other enemy pilots by using the /sam [name / id] command and targeting a SAM on close pilots.



The class paratrooper allows you to paratroop over enemy bases and some zones. A paratrooper has the ability to turn invisible in some zones and on enemy bases. The paratroop class is useful for players who want to sneak in on other bases and kill other players. Paratroopers can also support team members with 30 seconds invisibility and 20 seconds airstrike flare by /parakit



The class engineer spawns you with some heavy weapons. An engineer can drive tanks  (namely rhinos). Engineers also have the ability to fix their vehicles with vehicle fixing kits by typing /fix near the vehicle they wish to repair.



The class jettrooper spawns you with a katana and a fully armed UZI. You can spawn jetpacks and use them to fly around. To spawn a jetpack, use the command /jetpack or /jp.



The support class is the most used class on RWW. This class allows you to support your near by team mates with ammo, health, armour and weapons using the commands:
/sammo or /sa – support your closest team mates with ammo for all their weapons
/shealth or /sh – support your closest team mates with health and restore their health
/sarmour or /sar – support your closest team mates with armour and restore their armour
/sweaps or /sw – support your closest team mates with weapons and give them some basic weapons



The scout class spawns with powerful weapons and has the ability to pilot sea sparrows only. Sea sparrows are helicopters mounted with a machine-gun that is deadly against on foot players and vehicles. Scouts also spawn with a free SAM Base.



The spy class is the second most used class on RWW. This class allows you to disguise as enemies using the /disguise or /dis command and spy on enemy bases and zones using the satellite technology from area 51’s monitor (typing /scam). Spies also have the ability to decrypt area 51 control room door using /decrypt and fast capture it.



The donor class is the most powerful class on RWW. This class spawns you with the most powerful weapons with high ammo. In addition, a donor can drive all heavy vehicles and have instant \ access to the dam gates.