Admins or Administrators are normal players with extra administrative powers. They are here to help everyone to enjoy a better gaming experience. Admins are hand picked by the team. If you follow the rules correctly and have admin qualities, you might have the chance to be on them!
Here is a list of the current administrators with their levels.

Owner Status
Lebanon Evocator
Managers Status
France Drikooo
Lead Admins Status
India [RWW]Captain[iF]
United Kingdom Russ
Germany [UD]ian
Senior Admins Status
United Kingdom AoW.0x00008
United Kingdom [iF]GooN
Mexico [LFx]Josee[RWW]
India [AoW]Spongebob[RWW]
Croatia [HiT]Kwenol[RWW]
Admins Status
Lithuania [AoW]Razzor
Tunisia [LFx]Belaid[RWW]
Pakistan [iF]ERS[RWW]
Guatemala [LFx]erickme[RWW]
United Kingdom [HiT]DeathWish[RWW]